30 Best Sunsets In The World

Sunsets may seem a little less hopeful than sunrises, but don’t they look magnificent? What’s going to follow is a battle of the best sunsets around the world, and I’m going to do it by country. This is just my opinion and mine is what only matters now. Ha!

30. Japan

needs replacements

That toriii, and that sunset peeking from behind the mountains… amazeballs. But, this is just the start.

29. Oman

needs replacements

Refreshing sight. A+.

28. Denmark

needs replacements

Wishing I was standing on those rocks while this happened.

27. Trinidad and Tobago

needs replacements

This makes me want to dance the Samba. Setting’s killing it!

26. Germany

needs replacements

Slay me. I could stare at this forever.

25. Saudi Arabia

needs replacements

Guess the two camels like the view, too. What do you think?

24. Indonesia

needs replacements

Is that a house? Wow. Seriously, sunset is gold!

23. Bahamas

needs replacements

Presenting, the Bahamas. Flawless.

22. South Korea

needs replacements

Clap, clap, clap. Really… nice shot!

21. Vatican City

needs replacements

The Holy City, ladies and gentlemen. Such classic beauty I want to shed some tears.

20. Turkey

needs replacements

Say what? Gorgeous.

19. Jamaica

needs replacements

I think I just died. Did you just, too?

18. India

needs replacements

The view of the infamous Taj Mahal during sunset is beyond ordinary. Couldn’t get better.

17. Kuwait

needs replacements

Sunset in Kuwait is <3. That view… killer

16. Greece

needs replacements

This must be where the gods and goddesses chill out. Confirmed.

15. Poland

needs replacements

Who ever said Polish sunsets aren’t up the snuff? Lies, lies, lies!

14. Brazil

needs replacements

Somewhere in South America, there’s Brazil. And, somewhere in there, there’s this jaw-dropping sunset.

13. Iraq

needs replacements

What a meaningful sunset. A plane arrives in Iraq when the sun’s about to depart.

12. Vietnam

needs replacements

Let’s all go back to basics. Where there’s no so much fuss about technology.

11. Russia

needs replacements

It’s just that we’re all obsessed with love. And, that we all love sunset-laden, romantic looking rivers.

10. France

needs replacements

This makes me want to believe that it’s an honor to be living in this face of the planet. Agreed?

9. Tanzania

needs replacements

Oh my effin’ gracious lord! No, not impressed. Kidding.

8. Senegal

needs replacements

Mesmerizing. Is this even Earth still?

7. United States of America

needs replacements

This photo was taken somewhere in Kansas. Anyone would die to have a house overlooking this work of nature!

6. Papua New Guinea

needs replacements

The country’s name sounds a bit alien to many. It can never be denied, though–their sunsets are a beauty.

5. Sweden

needs replacements

Swedish lakes are all really dramatic (almost all of them). And, their sunsets, too.

4. South Africa

needs replacements

It’s official–I can’t breathe. Look at that.

3. Italy

needs replacements

What a classy and romantic setting! You wish you were the one who took the photo, don’t you?

2. China

needs replacements

Is that the Great Wall of China? Yes, it is. Just stunning.

1. Philippines

needs replacements

Now Watch This Video:

Don’t say that view of a small boat and the sunset doesn’t take your breath away (and doesn’t make you feel a bit emotional). And, how the waters reflect the skies above–perfection!


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