Spammers Just Leaked 1.4bn Email Addresses

Is Your Account Safe?

One of the largest spam operators got exposed when the email database of around 1.4bn got leaked in front of the whole world. 

An email marketing company River City Media was exposed on Friday when Chris Vickery from MacKeeper revealed this big security flaw. 


River City Media 

Spammers Just Leaked 1.4bn Email Addresses

River City Media was having a database of around 1.4bn email addresses and was sending billions of messages on daily basis. The leak of this huge database has brought a new threat to people whose email addresses were registered. 

According to the researchers at MacKeeper

Spammers Just Leaked 1.4bn Email Addresses

The leaked database was exposed from months along with the companies log and chat. He also added, “The situation presents a tangible threat to online privacy and security as it involves a database of 1.4bn email accounts combined with real names, user IP addresses, and often physical address.”  

Tweet from Chris Vickery from MacKeeper

Chris posted a screenshot of the database backup which was created somewhere in January 2017, which makes his statement more authentic. He also posted a teaser of the leak he later revealed on Twitter, in which it was clearly stated that the database of approximately 1.4Bn email address. 


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