Serial Killers | Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy Mugshot

Theodore Robert Bundy is better known as the serial killer “Ted Bundy” He confessed to 30 murders although this figure is often disputed. Some say it could be anywhere from 29 to over 100. Ted Bundy would bludgeon then strangle his victims to death. From a young age Ted had an interest in Sex and Violence and he like to refer to this part of himself as “The Entity” It is not known when Bundy begin his killing, but his lawyer stated it may have been 1972. Bundy’s earliest known, identified murders were committed in 1974 when Ted was 27 years old.

would often fake injury, wearing an arm sling or leg cast and would ask his victims to help him carry stuff to his Volkswagen Beetle where he would then hit them over the head with a crowbar he had hidden in his car. Just about every recovered body showed signs of strangulation and blunt force trauma .
Whilst on Death row Ted recounted how he had decapitated at least a dozen of his victims with a hacksaw. He also told how he would return to the body dumping site at Taylor Mountain, where he would lay with the bodies, sometimes applying makeup to the corpses and having sex with the remains. Pretty sick pup was Ted Bundy don’t ya think? Ted Bundy was arrested on the 16th of August 1975 in Granger, Utah for failing to stop for a police officer. Found in his car was a crowbar, ice pick, trash bags and a ski mask and he was detained and his apartment searched. He was convicted for a kidnapping after being identified in a line up and was sentenced to 15 years in Utah State Prison.
It wasn’t over though as Bundy managed to escape, but only for 6 days. He was recaptured and was being held in the Glenwood Springs, Colorado jail where he managed to escape again and made his way to Chicago then onto Tallahassee, Florida. One week after his arrival here on January the 15th 1978, Bundy killed again. On February 9th 1978, Ted Bundy traveled to Lake City, Florida where he abducted, raped and killed 12 year old Kimberly Leach. On the 12th he stole yet another Volkswagen beetle and was stopped by Pensacola police officer David Lee, who ran a check on the plates of the beetle. The call came back it was indeed stolen and Bundy tried to run again, getting into a scuffle with the police officer. He was taken into custody and Bundy said “I wished you had killed me”.
The story gets weirder from here as Bundy defends himself in court and married, yes married his former co-worker, while he was questioning her on the stand. They had conjugal visits and Ted’s daughter was born in October 1982, but her whereabouts now? Unknown. Ted never saw freedom again and was executed at 7.06 am January 24th 1989 in the electric chair at Florida’s state prison. His last words were “I’d like you to give my love to my family and friends”…..Read More On Ted Bundy
Ted Bundy Movies
Ted Bundy was young, handsome and charming with a bright future ahead of him. He was also the most notorious serial sex killer in America. This is the story of his legend of terror.
Behind Ted Bundy’s charming exterior lurked the heart of a serial killer. This episode of BIOGRAPHY examines Bundy, his 26 known murders, and the sources for his violence. Interviews with police, psychiatrists, and those who knew Bundy help shed light on this charismatic killer.

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