Serial Killers | John Wayne Gacy – Killer Clown

John Gacy with Rosalynn Carter

This image to the left is of John Wayne Gacy, pictured here with Rosalynn Carter in 1978. Just looking at this photo one cannot begin to believe that this could be the same John Gacy who had already killed over 30 men before this photo was taken. In fact Rosalynn Carter who was the first lady at the time of this photograph even signed the picture “To John Gacy. Best Wishes Rosalynn Carter” and it gets better.
In this picture Gacy is wearing an “S” Pin. These are given to people who have been given special clearance by The United States Secret Service . As you can imagine they were a little embarrassed after it was discovered what Gacy really was.
John Wayne Gacy got the nick name “The Killer Clown” because he used to entertain local children in a clown suit. He used the name Pogo The Clown, but this clown was not all he seemed. The murders started in 1972 and continued up to 1978.

Gacy was married to Marlynn Myers in 1964 and her parents purchased a Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) Franchise. Gacy became the manager of one of the outlets. Gacy was named outstanding Vice President of the Jaycees in 1967. It was around this time that Gacy started up a club in his basement, and used to invite young boys around, feed them up on alcohol and come onto them. By the end of 1968 Gacy had been arrested and convicted of Sodomy and was sentenced to 10 years in the Iowa State Penitentiary. [So much for the model citizen!]

His wife filed for divorce and he was paroled in 1970 after serving only 18 months. [Guess he was a model prisoner] In 1971 with some financial help from his mother Gacy purchased a house in Chicago. Under the floor of this house was a crawl space, four feet deep. Gacy kept trying to get it on with young boys, and was taken to court on two occasions in 1971 and 1972, for disorderly conduct and battery. Both times charges were dropped by Chicago Police. In June 1972 Gacy remarried.

Carole Hoff was an old teenage friend of Gacy’s and she and her two daughters moved in with Gacy. In 1975 Gacy started his own business, a construction company and around the same time his second marriage was on the rocks, after the couples sex life came to a halt and Carole found wallets with Young Men’s I.D’s in the house. Gacy was also bringing home Gay Porn. Needless to say the marriage was over, and they divorced in 1976.

It was from this point on, that the killing really increased. In 1977 a 19 year old man laid a complaint with Chicago Police, that Gacy had kidnapped him at gunpoint and forced him into sex and again Chicago Police took no action. In March 1978 Gacy lured another young man into his car and chloroformed him, then took him back to his house where he raped and tortured him then dumped him in a park. Police could not find the offender, but the young man remembered a black Oldsmobile, the Kennedy Expressway and some side streets. The victim did some detective work of his own and staked out the exit on the Kennedy Expressway. He saw the Oldsmobile and followed it to Gacy’s home. Police issued a warrant and arrested Gacy on July 15th.

As Gacy was awaiting trial for battery charges relating to this event a 15 year old boy disappeared from a Des Plaines Pharmacy where he worked on December the 11th 1978. He told a fellow employee he was going down the street to see some guy about a construction job. Gacy had been at the Pharmacy earlier, but denied this and talking to the boy, when police called the next day. But unlike the Chicago police force the Des Plaines police checked Gacy’s record and discovered he had been in prison for Sodomy.

Detectives searched Gacy’s home on December the 13th and found some really suspect stuff. Drivers Licences for other people, a 1975 high school class ring, some handcuffs, clothing too small for Gacy, a syringe, and a piece of two by four with holes drilled in the ends, and a receipt from the Pharmacy where the 15 year old had gone missing. They also smelt a foul odour coming from the crawlspace under the house. The ring was traced to John Szyc who disappeared in January 1977.

On December the 21st 1978, one of Gacy’s employees told police that Gacy had confessed to more then 30 murders. Police issued a second search warrant and returned to Gacy’s home. This time they searched the crawl space and found human bones. Gacy was informed he was to face murder charges and told investigators he was responsible for some 25 to 30 murders. He even drew them a diagram of the crawl space showing where the bodies were buried. Gacy then told how he would pick up male prostitutes and male teenage runaways then take them back to his house. Then he would handcuff them, and stuff clothing in their mouths, so their screams couldn’t be heard. Then he would choke them and sexually assault them. Gacy like Ted Bundy would keep the bodies, until they decomposed.

For 4 months they pulled human remains out of his crawlspace, and a total of 29 bodies were found in the crawlspace and his property. [He ran out of room in the crawlspace, so he buried them outside] The youngest victims were 14 years old. Gacy’s trial began in Chicago, on February the 6th 1980. He plead not guilty by reason of insanity. Gacy even claimed the deaths were accidental as part of erotic asphyxia, but of course he had already confessed. He even joked that the only thing he was guilty of was running a cemetery without a license. [Funny Guy!] He was found guilty on March the 13th and sentenced to death.

On May 10th 1994, Gacy was put to death by lethal injection at the Stateville Correctional Center. His last meal: One dozen deep fried shrimp, a bucket of original recipe chicken from [You guessed it] KFC and a pound of fresh strawberries and french fries. John Wayne Gacy’s last words “Kiss My Ass” His brain was removed after his execution and is in the possession of Dr Helen Morrison. Wonder if she keeps it on the mantelpiece……Read More On John Gacy

John Wayne Gacy Movies

Gacy “Gacy” 2003
The most prolific serial killer in American history, John Wayne Gacy (Mark Holton) kept his secret by appearing as a model citizen in his suburban Chicago neighborhood–even going so far as to volunteer as a clown at a local hospital. But as other side became known, a nation watched in horror as 30 brutal murders were traced back to Gacy, and the bodies were discovered in the crawlspace under his home. GACY is a disturbing account of the sickening deeds of this real life monster.


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