Serial Killers | Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer Mugshot
Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer. One of America’s more gruesome serial killers. Seems Jeffrey lead a normal childhood, but in his teens started to develop a morbid interest with dead things. Jeffery would often bike around his neighbourhood looking for dead animals to take home and dissect. By the time of his graduation Jeffrey was an alcoholic. In 1977 Jeffery’s parents divorced and Jeffrey lived with his father. On June the 6th 1978 Jeffrey picked up a hitchhiker named Stephen Hicks. He took him home, had sex with him then bludgeoned him to death with a barbell. Jeffrey buried the body in his fathers backyard.

Around this time Jeffrey was attending the Ohio State University but he dropped out after one quarter, failing to turn up to most of his classes. Jeffrey’s father then made him enlist in the army and he seemed to do well there, but after two years he was discharged because of his drinking problem. After being discharged he continued to drink heavily and was arrested for drunk and disorderly behaviour in 1981.

In 1982 Jeffrey moved in with his grandmother in Wisconsin and lived with her for 6 years. It was during this period that his behaviour got stranger and stranger. Granny found a fully dressed male mannequin in his closet and she also found a 357 Magnum under his bed. There was also strange smells coming from the basement. Jeffrey was arrested in 1982 and 1986 for indecent exposure. The latter of these arrests was for masturbating in front of two boys. Jeffrey killed again in September 1987 and again in January and March 1988. These victims he found at gay bars and after he had sex with them, he would kill them.
On September 26th 1988 Jeffrey was arrested for drugging and sexually fondling a 13 year old boy named Somsack Sinthasomphone. He received 5 years probation and one years work in a work release camp. He was also required to register as a sex offender. Jeffrey got parole from the camp early and it wasn’t long after that in May 1990 he moved into the infamous apartment at 213, 924 North 25th Street, Milwaukee. It was here that he picked up his murdering pace. 4 Murders by the end of 1990. Another in February 1991, then another in April 1991.

He killed again on May 24th 1991 and it was at this point he begin to kill nearly once a week. But it was the murder at the end of May 1991, where things nearly went wrong for Jeffrey. The victim was 14-year-old Konerak Sinthasomphone [Yes you do recognise the name. It is the brother of the boy Dahmer had molested] He was found wandering the streets in the early hours of the morning, naked, drugged and bleeding from the rectum. He was found by two woman, who then called 911. Jeffrey told police when they arrived that Konerak was his 19 year old boyfriend and they had been having a lovers argument. The police let Jeffrey take Konerak , even though the two women did protest.
The police had in fact entered Jeffrey’s apartment and noticed a strange smell. Seems they did not investigate any further. If they had of, they would have found the body of Jeffrey’s previous victim Anthony Hughes, decomposing in the bedroom. They also failed to run a background check. Had they done this, they would have discovered that Jeffrey was still on probation and was convicted for molestation and sex offending. Later that night Jeffrey killed and dismembered Konerak Sinthasomphone.
At the end of June 1991 Dahmer was killing at least once a week. He killed Matt Turner on June 30, Jeremiah Weinberger on July 5, Oliver Lacy on July 12, and finally Joseph Brandehoft on July 18. Then on July 22nd he had another victim in his apartment by the name of Tracy Edwards. Edwards claimed that he struggled with Dahmer, as he was being handcuffed. Jeffrey had failed to handcuff him properly and forced Edwards into a bedroom with a big knife. Edwards saw photographs of mutilated bodies and smelt a foul odour coming from a big blue barrel in the room. Edwards managed to punch and kick Jeffrey escaping onto the street. He managed to wave down police and led them back to Dahmer’s apartment.
Jeffrey was civil to the police, but they found the bedroom with the photos and arrested Jeffrey. One of the arresting officers then opened the refrigerator and found a severed head. Upon searching the apartment further, police found 3 more heads, severed hands and penises. Seven skulls were also found, plus a human heart in the freezer and several corpses in acid filled vats. It seems Jeffrey had developed a notion he could turn his victims into zombies by drilling holes in their skulls and injecting hydrochloric acid into their brains.

Jeffrey Dahmer was charged with 15 murders and his trial began on January 30th 1992. Jeffrey plead not guilty by reason of insanity and the trial lasted two weeks. He was found sane and guilty on 15 counts of murder. He was sentenced to 15 life terms [That’s 957 years in prison]

He was extradited to Ohio in May that year where he plead guilty to the murder of his first victim Stephen Hicks. Jeffrey was attacked in prison on November the 28th 1994. Jeffrey and another prisoner were beaten by a fellow inmate with a bar from weight training equipment. He died on the way to hospital from severe head trauma. The apartment block where Jeffrey lived was demolished and is now a vacant lot…..Read More On Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer Movies

Made in cooperation with Jeffrey Dahmer’s parents, this uncompromising film examines how unconditional parental love can be affected by a son’s unimaginably gruesome and deviant nature. The apparent truth that may surprise some is that, to an extent, it in fact does remain unconditional. Through the Dahmer parents’ heartbreaking, painful, and possibly futile search for the cause of and meaning behind their son’s actions, this drama offers what was often thought to be impossible: a human point of view on a man regarded as a monster.
One of the most notorious serial killers in America was Wisconsin’s Jeffrey Dahmer. Dahmer’s exploits included killing 15 boys and resorting to cannibalism on their corpses. This biographical drama starring Jeremy Renner (TV’s ZOE, DUNCAN, JACK & JANE) does not focus on the grisly details of the murders, rather it sets out to comprehend an alienated man who struggles with his own sexuality until driven disturbingly over his head. The film uses flashbacks and very few characters to give a history of the serial killer’s upbringing and details as to what drove him over the edge.

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